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Project Description:

LDR Installer – Easily install LDR versions of GDR binaries.

This tool is used to automate the process of installing security updates in hotfix mode. This used to be easy in windows 2003 days wherein we just used to specify the service pack branch at the command line. However the process is a bit more cumbersome when it comes to Windows 7/2008R2/2008/Vista operating systems.

 System Requirements

  • .NET Framework 3.5
  • Administrator rights on the machine


  1. Browse and select the security update to be installed.
  2. Click on Install button.
  3. Reboot when prompted.



  • Detailed logging of the entire process
  • Excellent error reporting for easy debug
  • Option for automatic restart
  • Option for silent installer ( coming shortly in the next version of the tool)

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